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Hoping to make your next gathering or special occasion extra cheesy? We can help with that! We offer cheese and charcuterie platters, fondue rentals, and raclette grill rentals. We require 24hrs notice for platters and recommend you pick up the platter the day you plan to serve it.

Cheese Platters: 5 cheeses, 2 lbs. total, serves 10-15 people; $100

In addition to cheese, cheese platters come with a mixture of accompaniments, including membrillo (Spanish quince paste), marcona almonds, dried apricots, candied pecans, and crackers.

Charcuterie Platters: 3 cheeses, 2 meats, 2 lbs. total, serves 10-15 people; $100

Raclette & Fondue Machine Rentals: $15/night.

Have a Swiss Alpine dinner from the comfort of your home! You can pick up your machine the day you plan to use it and return it to the shop the next day. We recommend buying 1/3-1/2 lbs. of cheese per person. Don't forget the charcuterie and accoutrements! 

**Please call the shop to request machine rental.**

Cheese platter including five cheeses, apricots, marcona almonds, caramelized pecans, and crackers